Seeking wonderful Taiwan

Cold February 7th was the day when we finally decided on our travel destination for this year. Taiwan. Few Youtube videos of Taiwanese food and flight ticket price drop was enough to put in the credit card details.

And then… that feeling when the plane finally takes off and excitement rushes through your veins… you are one step closer to the adventure. You are looking through the tiny window how city is getting smaller and smaller until all you can see is blue with shades of white clouds. (Of course all that would be much more relaxing if you didn’t have to run like crazy to catch your connecting flight.)

Bus ride from Taoyuan Airport to Taichung was scenic, lush green, small temple here and there, people working in the fields and then arriving in the city at the beginning of the night. Lights, people, scooters. Searching for something to eat, but no English. A little bit of this and a little bit of that in a bag and dinner for 2,5€ is served.

Jetlagged and excited cannot fall asleep. My mind is preoccupied with all the new and morning seems far away. Wondering how tomorrow will be. Where are we going, what we will see. And then the light starts finding its way into our room. It is finally beginning.

Taichung in the night


2 thoughts on “Seeking wonderful Taiwan

  1. Nice to see at least someone who has been to Taiwan. I am going there next spring, probably in March, and was thinking of going to Tainan and Kaohsiung so your posts just come handy.
    Regards Lars, Sweden.

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