Summer memories

It is already September and feels like summer just flew by and it was all just a dream. I feel like every year days go by faster and faster and if you don’t try to make them count and make them special you just don’t remember they actually happened. Except for some short period in my early teens I never kept a diary (which is also lost) and sometimes I truly regret this, because even though you believe that you will never forget something, it happens and it just slips away without you even realizing. This was also one of the reasons I started this blog – to have this tiny space of internet all to myself to write down all the wonderful moments and keep them close.

Spring and summer are my favourite seasons. Spring because everything comes back to life after cold and dark winter and summer because… well because it is summer. Sun, vacations, sea, ice creams, there is so much going on in summer that it is sometimes hard to keep up with everything. And because these are my favourite seasons I always feel a bit down when at the end of August leaves already starts to turn yellow, weather forecasts rain, days get shorter and I need to bring out jackets and long sleeves. In my ideal world spring would last 5 months, summer also 5, and autumn and winter each one month. And in that winter time we would have snow. Not just cold and dark and cloudy with no bright white to cover the world. And the winter would never stretch out all the way to April. It would stick to December and by the end of January spring would start to blossom.

For most of my life summer was determined by at least a week long vacations at seaside. Last year it was the first time I didn’t go to seaside for real vacations. We went for a weekend, but as soon as we adapted we had to leave and go back to work. This year our summer actually started in May when we went to Taiwan and it was the most amazing trip we ever went to. We enjoyed every minute there, every step, every view and especially every bite. But this was not really vacation for me. It was an adventure and on adventure you are on the go most of the time. Vacations is when you can go to the beach, lay down on the towel, swim for a bit, day dream about everything wonderful and exotic, eat grapes and go for a long walk in the evening and finish it off with a glass of wine. Total bliss of not doing too much. I am missing this and hope that next year I will manage to escape everything to do nothing at the seaside.

“Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.”

– John Mayer

Nonetheless this summer was great. Yes it was way to hot most days (we actually spend two weeks of afternoons closed in our apartment, with shades down, windows closed, fan doing extra hours and just do nothing until late evening, when we went on a walk in the night) to do something too extreme, but we managed to fill in a few day trips, moved to new apartment, ate lots of ice cream, went to picnics and hang outs with friends, took long walks, went to festival, enjoyed delicious food, my best friend from high school got married and I finally started this blog.

Taking photos have become almost like a sport nowadays, everyone is taking photos of everything. Some turn out amazing, some not so much, but for me taking photos is a way to keep moments alive for many more years to come. To have visual memories of things that happened. And this summer was no different. I took so many photos, most of them were not good at all, but still I don’t have a heart to delete them yet.

So this was my summer 2018:


Summer started earlier for me this year and on the other side of the world. But as soon as we returned back home I had itchy feet again, and since we couldn’t afford another long travel we went on a Day trip to Trieste.

Summer for me is all about ice cream and this year I had tons of it. I tried variety of flavours and decided that this summer is all about pistacchios and raspberry. I am so happy that Ljubljana has such a great selection of ice cream to choose from.

In August we finally went to see Postojna Cave and decided it is best to just take the whole package and also see Predjama Castle, Vivarium and Expo Cave Karts. Check out Postojna Cave – wonderworld does exist

We also explored Ljubljana, our beloved city that has been home to us for seven years or so. It is wonderful in every season but in summer it is filled with people, laughter, amazing smells,.. Ljubljana really comes to life during summer, and even though there are a lot more tourists in the city this also gives it a nice vibe. And food in Ljubljana is delicious!

Since we didn’t go to seaside on vacations we still managed to escape the bustling city to Portorož for one day and enjoy the sunny Thursday at the beach. It was a true adventure. Our ride back home was some strange guy with very bad looking van. Our first sense proved us right because the tire exploded very soon after we hit the highway. Of course he didn’t have any tools with him, but luckily did have a spare tire, so the guys from roadside assistance saved the day and we managed to get back to Ljubljana a lot later than expected.

And the beast part of this summer? Enjoying colourful sunsets every evening from our apartment. Always different, always wonderful. With a glass of wine or some gin&tonic it was almost like being somewhere near the sea.

DSC_04991 (1)-min

My summer 2018 was colourful, delicious and fun. Some more beach days is the only thing I would change, everything else was perfect. How was your summer? Are you sad that it is ending or are you more an autumn/winter person?


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