November favourites

Hello December!

Time goes by so quickly and I just cannot believe December is already here! Christmas lights in Ljubljana were lit yesterday and today we will go see how beautiful it is. But before all that I wanted to share with you everything that made November special for me. I got so many great responses with myΒ October Favourites, I decided to do this every month. It is also a great way for me to reflect on the previous month and have a diary of all the wonderful things that happened.

1. Trip to Istanbul

Booking trip is always so exciting for me. This rush of joy just goes through my body and instantly I feel more happy. Taking 5 days off of our daily routine felt really good. Istanbul is a magical place and even though we didn’t have the best weather we did have wonderful time (check out these 10 things to do in Istanbul on a rainy day).Β Wandering streets all day, taking a ferry to Asian side, eating the most delicious food, wondering how did they manage to build such stunning and magnificent buildings 1000 years ago without all the modern technology…. Even flight there and back was wonderful. Turkish Airlines really has a great service and 2 hours in the sky were over almost too quickly.



2. Breakfast

I rarely eat breakfast at home, but last year in Prague we decided to go out for a whole Sunday breakfast outside thing. We loved it, so we did the same in Istanbul and it was even better. The whole table full of tasty delicious food with hot Turkish tea is the perfect way to start your day on holidays. I will do a special post about our breakfasts in Istanbul, because they truly deserve to be posted (check out 3 amazing breakfast places in Istanbul). Just a little sneak peak here. Doesn’t it look just yummy? Istanbul_breakfast

3. New backpack

If Black Friday is good for anything it is for the things you have been eyeing for a long time but keep putting it off because it just cost too much and you are saving for something else. I got myself a new backpack, which is quite bigger than my small everyday backpack. I got this one for traveling as a hand luggage (I am sure it could also fit as small bag for Ryanair and similar airlines, that cut off normal hand luggage), day trips, weekend getaways and going home to my parents for the weekend. It is big enough for all the things I need to have with me (I am trying to pack as minimalistic as it goes) without feeling like those huge backpacks for longer travels. I am so happy about this purchase and cannot wait to use it for some traveling!

4. Tropical paradise at Ocean Orchids

Winter is coming and what better (and cheaper) way to escape it for a bit, than visiting tropical garden? Ocean Orchids in Dobrovnik had an open day/weekend and we decided to check it out. This was one of those things that are so close to your home and you just keep putting it off and visit everything else that is further away instead. I am so happy that we finally decided to visit this place. Their tropical garden is really pretty and with over 900 tropical plants and flowers you do feel like you are teleported into some jungle. Just being there reminded me so much of Taiwan and whatever does that deserves a special place on list like this one. They have 40.000 m2 of greenhouses where they produce more than 2 million of Phalaenopsis orchids.

There is so much to look forward in December for me. I got a real job that I will start on Monday. My blog stats for November were amazing and can’t wait to beat those numbers in December! Christmas time is finally here and one last adventure of this year is closer than ever. We have some really exciting plans for New Years and just can’t wait for it. Last year we wanted to spend New Years somewhere in a cabin with friends, but we were too late, so we booked really early this year. My only wish now is that we will have some snow! Plus I am so excited about all the Christmas lights and trees, Christmas movies, mulled wine to keep my hands warm while exploring beautifully decorated Ljubljana and baking cookies!


What are your plans for December?


51 thoughts on “November favourites

  1. How is it already December?! It is always nice to book a trip and discover new places. YESSS I agree with that question!! It is amazing to see buildings still up after so many years. That’s what I call good architecture. Your breakfast looks DELICIOUS! I love the views from Ocean Orchids. Hope you’ll have a great December!

    Nancy β™₯

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    1. Thank you so much! Living in Europe has quite some perks, when it comes to traveling. One hour drive from Ljubljana and you can be in Croatia, Austria or Italy. πŸ™‚ I really wish you will get a chance to visit Istanbul someday. It is totally worth it.

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        1. Hahaha i’d love to switch places! I’d much rather live where you live! Omg tell me about it, it’s even expensive to actually live in Australia! If you have relatives here though that would give you a great opportunity to come and visit though!! xx

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  2. Looks like you had amazing November as well! I’m envious of your photos, you are such a wonderful photographer I swear! I am living for your Istanbul trip, it’s one of the best travel posts you’ve shared with us! Xx


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    1. That is so nice to hear (or read). I am really happy that you enjoy my photos, I am trying to make them look good, even though I am not really good at using my camera in technical sense. I will definitely write more about Istanbul. πŸ™‚


  3. Sounds like you had a great month. I enjoyed your Istanbul trip and I’m intrigued about your breakfast. It was interesting how you wrote about Dubrovnik being so close, in my mind it isn’t. The tropical gardens look great. . Hope you have an equally great December.


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        1. Then you should definitely visit at least Istanbul. I would love to also see Cappadocia and Pamukkale and maybe some smaller towns to see how Turkey really is. Istanbul is such a global city and I think smaller towns will totally different charm. πŸ™‚

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  4. That all sounds so exciting! The garden in Dubrovnik looks beautiful and the breakfast in Istanbul so delicious 😍 I’m celebrating my sister’s, my dad’s and my birthday in December along Christmas and New Year’s. I’ve got quite a busy but exciting month ahead!

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