Charming Radovljica

I love traveling and exploring the world, but I also love exploring beauty of Slovenia. So this weekend we decided to do a short day trip to Radovljica. Less than hour with train from Ljubljana you arrive to this small town with the most charming Linhart Square, named after Anton Tomaž Linhart, playwright and historian who wrote the first comedy and theatrical play in general in Slovene.

Radovljica (11)

Radovljica might not have kilometers and kilometers of lights and modern Christmas lights installations, but it does have cute Christmas trees with red hearts that resemble traditional lect hearts, pretty wreaths and other natural decorations. Since Winter Wonderland in Český Krumlov last year I think I prefer the decorations in smaller towns than in bigger cities. They are much more simple and natural which certainly adds to its charm. I hope I will get to explore this thesis more in detail the next Christmas (already making a list of charming towns to visit, any recommendations are welcome).

Radovljica (15)

Radovljica (12)

Radovljica (14)

Radovljica (9)

Before heading back to Ljubljana we went for a lunch to one of the houses on the Linhart Square to discover we picked the right house. Dating back to 1822 Restaurant Lecter  was opened on the premises of a chandlery and bakery known for its lect or gingerbread hearts. We ordered goulash with idrijski žlikrofi, which is type of pasta similar to ravioli with potato filling and ajdovi krapi, made with buckwheat flour and filled with millet porridge and cottage cheese. The food was really good, but it was quite pricey, which is definitely not a surprise, since the restaurant has such a long tradition. They serve traditional Slovenian dishes, so it might be a great place to try something.

Radovljica (16)

Since we don’t really plan our day trips, we would really need to revisit Radovljica, because this short stop just made us realize there is so much more than just pretty facade to this charming town. I would for one really love to visit Gingerbread museum and since Radovljica hosts Chocolate festival in april, this might be the perfect time for another more detailed visit.

Radovljica (13)

With Christmas tomorrow I want to wish you all very merry Christmas, which should be filled with joy and happiness in the company of your beloved!

Merry Christmas!



23 thoughts on “Charming Radovljica

    1. My list is also getting longer and longer almost every day. 🙂 If you come to Slovenia, you will probably visit Ljubljana and Bled and Radovljica is just in the middle of it, making it a perfect stop by.


  1. This is a cute little town. I adore the little trees with red decorations. Certainly sounds like one to go back to, that chocolate festival sounds just perfect. But any chocolate festival sounds perfect to me. Thanks for sharing

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