Christmas Wonderland in Ljubljana

After very long Christmas weekend I am back to work for two days before another long weekend starts. I could get used to days like that, when there is so much yummy food, lights in the city are lit and everyone seems a bit happier. It is definitely Christmas and all that festive spirit in the air, but maybe it also has something to do with the fact that the days are slowly starting to get longer.

I loved having those five days off around Christmas, as I finally got to see Ljubljana in the light of day, even though it does look much nicer in the evening when all the lights are twinkling. It was still nice to take a walk around the city and enjoy the view from the castle as the sun was slowly setting and painting everything with a soft pink colour. I just love those pinky sunsets.

Christmas_Ljubljana (6)

Christmas_Ljubljana (9)


Christmas_Ljubljana (5)

When the dark falls on the city the lights turn on and you feel like you are walking in some far away galaxy. For a few years now Ljubljana has a space galaxy theme when it comes to Christmas decorations, so even if you haven’t seen it this year, the next December is only 11 months and 5 days away, but you can still see this year’s installations and Christmas markets until 2 January 2019.

Christmas_Ljubljana (16)

So what can you do in Ljubljana in this festive time of the year?

  • Explore Christmas markets and get something sweet to eat and something warm to wear.
  • Drink mulled wine or hot chocolate to warm up your hands after taking tons of photos.
  • Take a boat ride and see the city from Ljubljanica river.
  • Wander the streets and do some window or real shopping in many boutique stores.
  • Stumble upon the concert on Congress Square or head to museums or galleries.
  • Eat chimney cake from Sisters KurtoΕ‘ and get the one with cinnamon, because nothing says Christmas more than cinnamon.Β 

Christmas_Ljubljana (13)

Christmas_Ljubljana (17)

Chimney cake


Christmas_Ljubljana (12)


50 thoughts on “Christmas Wonderland in Ljubljana

    1. You should try with flights to Zagreb, Trieste or Graz. These are the closest, but also Venice and Vienna. There are numerous options to get from there to Ljubljana, plus you will squeeze in some more places to see. πŸ™‚


  1. Glad you enjoyed your time in Ljubljana. It is cool to see the styling of the structures. Looks very historic. It’s great that there is so much to do out there, especially during Christmas. Thanks for sharing!!

    Nancy β™₯


  2. Ljubljana is one of the places I just can’t wait to visit. I’m frustrated I didn’t go while I still lived in England as now a long way away in Canada! Hope you had an excellent Christmas and New Year!

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