December favourites

make it a December to remember!

The last month of the year has been very festive. Christmas lights, decorating apartment, baking cookies, Christmas markets, friends, family, gifts and cozy nights watching movies. It was really a December to remember, so here is my December favourites post!

1. Twinkling lights in Ljubljana

My favourite thing in December are always Christmas decorations. Ljubljana turned into Christmas wonderland on the last day of November and there is only one other activity better than cozy movie nights with hot chocolate and that is wandering the streets of Ljubljana with twinkling lights all around while sipping on a mulled wine. Check more about it here Christmas Wonderland in Ljubljana.

2. Cozy movie nights with hot chocolate

Short and cold winter days just call for coziness of the sofa and blankets, Christmas lights, hot chocolate and movies. Luckily I got hot chocolate mix for Christmas, which made making hot chocolate easier and a lot quicker so we had a lot more time for movies. We went from Christmas Chronicles and A Christmas Prince to Bird Box (if you haven’t watched it yet, you should) and from You to Walt Before Mickey. What do you currently watch on Netflix?


3. Day trip to Radovljica

Last year we explored Christmas markets in Prague and Winter Wonderland in Český Krumlov, this year we stayed in Slovenia and decided to finally visit Radovljica. It is such a charming little town and I hope I will be able to go to their Chocolate Festival in April. Been planning to go to that thing for years now, but never made it.

4. Christmas

December is all about Christmas and I was really excited about this one, because it was the first one we spend in our new apartment. I put up a small (fake) tree, Christmas lights and decorated it with red bows. I made cake and prepared everything for Christmas dinner, before we went to city center. It was such a beautiful day it would be a shame to spend it all inside. Later we finished dinner (I made pork ribs in spicy sauce and roasted potatoes), lit the candles, poured some wine, put on the music and enjoy the food. We had cake on the couch while watching something on Netflix.


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and even better Christmas morning. I got hot chocolate mix and face cream that I was running out off, and I got my boyfriend tiny Nutella, which still hangs on our Christmas tree, because I just don’t feel like putting it away.

5. New Year’s in a cabin

I was looking forward to New Year’s for almost half a year, because we booked a cabin in the hills and what can be better than spending few days in a cabin with fireplace in December? Not much, maybe if it would be all white outside, but I am not asking for much lately. We went there with friends and packed tons of food, that we didn’t manage to eat and lots of alcohol, that we also couldn’t drink all. There is just so much you can stuff yourself with. Between all of that eating we did go out for long walks and played lots of board games.  I can’t remember the last time I played so many games. Unfortunately one of our friends got sick and spend the New Year’s Eve in bed and I think I caught something, because the next day I was starting to feel a bit sick. We still did have amazing time, escaping the society and all the hustle and bustle of New Year’s Eve, but we did not escape the fireworks though, because they were all around us while we were outside toasting to the New Year.

december_favourites (3)

Beside all that I also went to work everyday, baked cookies, met with some friends and wrote some blog posts that got me the best stats of 2018. I think I achieved all the goals I  set myself for December and now I am off to chasing the ones for January 2019. Last year was wonderful and I don’t doubt that 2019 will be any less spectacular.

I am also thinking about doing a review of 2018 and been wondering if you would be interested in reading about it? Let me know in the comments!

23 thoughts on “December favourites

  1. Oh I love your December Favorites!!!!! I’m so glad you had the best time and as always, I love the photos that you’ve shared and the places are just so beautiful It took me a minute or two to admire them all. ❤️


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  2. What a fantastic post!! What a lovely December and your photos are just beautiful! Can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for you xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The cabin you spent New Year in looks absolutely beautiful. What a great bit of inspo, if I am back in the UK for 2019/2020 celebrations I may do exactly the same thing. Glad you had such a good festive season, here is to more adventures in 2019!

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