4 reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. A holiday that celebrates love or commercialized holiday that just want you to spend money? I think it is a bit of both, with the last part completely depending on you. I know lots of people don’t like or even hate Valentine’s Day for various reasons and here is how I see them differently.

1. Love should be celebrated everyday, not only on Valentine’s Day

I totally agree with this one, but this is still not a reason for not celebrating it. I think all holidays that celebrate love should be celebrated. It is difficult not to get caught up in everyday routine so having special days is a great reminder to stop and appreciate the little things. If Valentine’s Day is the only day in whole year where you express your love to your significant other, I would wonder if it is really that significant. But if you work on your relationship daily then this is a day to cheer to that.


2. I am single and it only makes me feel more alone

If you see Valentine’s Day only as a holiday that couples can celebrate you will definitely feel left out, but that shouldn’t be the case. You probably have family and friends and why not celebrate with them? Send your mom a cute photo with lovely quote or call that friend you’ve been meaning to call for ages, but never found the right time. For me Valentine’s Day is not only about romantic love, it is also about friendship, love for your family or even love to yourself. Why not spend an evening in a warm bath with face mask and then enjoy a romantic comedy with a glass of wine?

3. It’s not our holiday, it is American

In Slovenia we have our own original holiday for love birds, that is celebrated on March 12th. Gregorjevo or St. Gregory’s Day, named after Pope Saint Gregory I., is also a day when it’s been said that birds are being wed. With such holiday also come some traditions and one of the most fascinating ones is done on the eve of St. Gregory’s Day, when people float the miniature boats or houses with candles down the river. Kind of reminds me of releasing the sky lanterns. Another tradition says that a first bird a young girl sees on that day announces what will the girl’s future husband be like.

Even with our own original and traditional holiday, we can still celebrate Valentine’s Day. There shouldn’t be a limit on how many holidays associated with love we can celebrate. It should be everyday, but we all know that in the midst of work and life we sometimes forget to take a break and just enjoy in each other’s company.

4. Valentine’s Day celebrates consumerism not love

That is true to some extent. If you want to spend hundreds of euros to express your love do it, but you can do it with no money or on a very tight budget as well. Of course stores, media, commercials and social media will advertise all the gifts you can buy to make your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband happy, but it is usually the little things that count. Extra kiss, walking hand in hand, sharing a piece of cake, lovely note in your bag, cute text or a flower. I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting your significant other something special for Valentine’s Day, but it shouldn’t just be material. Spend some extra time with them and make them feel extra loved.

20161125_144053 – kopija-min

Wish you a very lovely Valentine’s Day!

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day and how? Do you have some special traditions?


12 thoughts on “4 reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day

    1. I think sometimes people expect some really grand gestures and if they don’t get it they are disappointed. I think Valentine’s Day is more about little things and if we all accept that we won’t feel presured.
      Thank you so much for reading!


  1. My wife and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. We show our love everyday, but there’s just something special about Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait for our second one next year.

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  2. This is so true! And you made this post so concise and to the point. I believe it’s a good day to remember and practice self love and self care but even when you’re with your significant other- the real underlying motive to “celebrate” valentines day is based upon advertising and consumerism. I don’t think couples need to feel obligated to do these huge grand gestures.
    Amanda – Activated Living

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    1. Exactly. We sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves for holidays to make them perfect and the way they are portrayed in movies, social media, and media in general. Sometimes the best you can do is just be there.
      Thanks for reading and your insight. 🙂


  3. This is such a lovely post! I absolutely think that love and appreciation should be shown every day and not just on Valentines Day, but it is a good day to treat your significant other and/or your friends. On the way home from work I saw some couples out shopping with huge bags of expensive clothes and things, and I don’t think that’s what the day is about. Me and my boyfriend spent the night in and got a takeaway, and had a social media free evening. I also got my best friend a card to show appreciation for our friendship. 😊

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    1. I love those kinds of nights, so cozy. There will always be people who will spend loads of money on gifts for such holidays, but I guess most people, especially young, have different values and don’t go over board with shopping and grand gestures.
      Thank you so much for reading and your comment. I really love to read what you think about the topic.

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  4. We don’t really make much of a big deal out of it, usually just exchange a card and have a nice meal. We used it this year as an excuse to try a new local restaurant the day before and then had an evening in with a home cooked meal on actual Valentine’s Day. I think we must fall somewhere in the middle as we don’t totally ignore it but don’t make a big deal out of it either! Lovely post!

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