Summer memories 2019

Somewhere in August I started to see leaves turning colours and now we are already in the middle of September, temperatures have dropped (which I am actually excited about) and my mom has already send me butternut squash. What says its autumn better than pumpkins, right?

But before I dive into autumn I would like to share with you some memories that will make this summer special to me. Just the other day me and my boyfriend were talking how summer just flew past us and we don’t really have a feeling it was summer because we didn’t spend any time at the beach or pool, and it took us a while to figure out all the other great things we did and it turned out we had really great summer after all. Last year I wrote a post to capture my summer (Summer memories) so I can look back and see what I was up to and it’s only fair I do the same this year.

Last year my summer started in Taiwan and this year it was Spain. I am so glad we decided to visit Spain at the end of May/begining of June, because I can’t imagine being there in the heat wave that happened later in June and then in July. I also think it was less crowded which is always a huge plus for me. We visited 5 cities in 4 regions in 11 days and had the best time there. See my full itinerary here: 11 days in Spain.

Even though this was our only summer travel this year we had an amazing time in Ljubljana and visited Kranfest in Kranj, a lovely town north of Ljubljana and Špancirfest in Varaždin, Croatia. It was my first time at both of these festival and I am sure I will return to both of these towns because they are just so charming.

Varazdin_spancirfest (3)

One Saturday we also went on a wine tasting in Cuk Wine House in Lendava and had the most amazing time tasting wine and food with some stunning views. You can read more about our experience here: Wine tasting Saturday.

cuk_wine_house (9)

What would a summer be without a little picnic? We threw one for our friends and I got to try my latest summer obsession which are ice teas. I made two different ones and I am hooked on them ever since. I also made lavender syrup and it is like the easiest thing to do and tastes so delicious when mixed with just water or with some gin and tonic.

Most of the summer we spend in Ljubljana, catching up with some friends, eating tons of delicious ice cream, trying some new foods (Tasty weekend in Ljubljana, part 2.) and just enjoying the sunshine, even though some days felt hot as hell. One other amazing thing we did for the first time this summer and I would never ever though I would like that, but I love it now, its go kart. We went with some friends and even though I was the last one I had such an amazing time and will definitely do it again. Here are some more photos that I captured during the summer.

Ljubljana (2)

Tell me, how was your summer? What are some amazing things you did? Did you travel somewhere? And also, what are your plans for autumn?

I have some travel plans for October and then again some even more exciting travel plans in December. If you want to know where I am heading check out my Instagram.

41 thoughts on “Summer memories 2019

  1. Summer seems like so long ago… I finally took my dream trip to Thailand with my brother! Now I’m working seasonally in Alaska so not much planned until my contract is over in a month, but I hope to visit either Honduras or Europe (again) around Christmas!

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  2. This post was totally different as usual and that made it so special! It’s so great to look back and see what a great time you had! And even if you didn’t have the time or opportunity to go to the beach or pool, at least you traveled to so beautiful places! I think one travel is more worth than one beach day 😀

    From the march, I have visited Budapest, Hungary, Bavaria (Germany), Austria and 2 times Latvia but year haven’t ended yet. 😀

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      1. Yes, I am going 2 more times to Latvia – in October to see golden autumn and in November to ”Women in Travel Summit”. There will be the best bloggers from all over the world and a lot to learn 🙂

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  3. That light show looked lovely where was that?. I have only visited Ljubljana once and loved it. Even included it on my list of Europe’s underrated cities worth visiting. I love the people and the atmosphere. We have met some of the most sweet locals who made us feel welcomed. Would love to travel more around Slovenia and discover other cities. Have you got any recommendations?
    Amalog –

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    1. That light show was in Varaždin, Croatia. Slovenia has tons to offer. I would suggest you visit our coast, Piran is super charming also Kras, with many caves, vineyards, picturesque villages, Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Lake Jasna. Maybe also Prekmurje because it is not so popular with most foreign tourists, also Maribor where you can go see the oldest vine in the world. We also have like hundreds of castles, many thermal springs where spas are now build, food is delicious, lots of wine and beer. If you will ever need help planning your Slovenia trip just contact me and I will happily help you.


  4. I’d love to go to Croatia, your photos are so lovely. I’ve never been on a picnic before it looks so cute. You’re so lucky you weren’t travelling during the heatwave, I was in Rome when it happened I was exhausted with the heat, I’m off to Turkey in a few days, I can’t wait.

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    1. Croatia is beautiful, like the coast and those charming towns around there… That heatwave was killing me at home and at work, I can’t imagine having to walk around all day. Turkey is also so amazing, where are you headed there? I’ve only been to Istanbul.


      1. Absolutely you should! They have amazing wine! You can do a wine tasting in the viticulture museum in the city centre. Or take a bus to Modra and do a wine cellar tour. Pezinok by train is 15 mins away and they also have a wine museum with tastings. The currant wine is lovely too which comes from Devin. X

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