Hostel review: CHORS, Bratislava

Finding a place to stay for a weekend in Bratislava was one of the first things we looked into after deciding on our destination. I always check Airbnb and for best deals and when I found this hostel I was hooked.

We’ve stayed in a capsule hostel once before and it wasn’t the best experience, but this one looked a lot more comfortable so we decided to give capsule hostels another try.

CHORS hostel is an art boutique capsule hostel and quite new in Bratislava. The location was perfect, close to some of the restaurants we wanted to try, lots of shops, short walk to the old city center and with tram stations along the street.

We stayed in a 4-capsule dormitory in the bottom capsule, which I strongly recommend because it felt a lot more comfortable as you are able to stand up normally in there and don’t need to climb the ladder every time you need to go to bathroom or in the middle of the night.

We each got our own capsule with our own big storage place that you can lock with your card. Each capsule has a light and an outlet. Even though the capsules are not really closed, you have like a curtain you can pull down to give yourself some more privacy.

What truly made this stay so much better than our first stay in a capsule hostel is that there was an actual bed with an actual mattress. Plus I fell in love with their huge fluffy pillow that made me feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. Our room also had 2 sofa chairs with coffee table and normal table with chair and a huge mirror which is always nice to have.

Breakfast was really nice, there was selection of juices, teas, cereals, vegetables, some cheese and ham, boiled eggs, hot dogs and toast or bread rolls. In this common area there were few tables, comfy sofas and a room for working and some fitness machines. Walking through the hostel you will also notice quite a lot of artwork, which were made especially for CHORS hostel by Slovak painter Marek Ormandík.

There were few tiny things that bothered me a bit and that was that there is only one outlet in capsule and that we couldn’t opened the windows for some fresh air. There was AC in the room but still it is nice to have actual fresh air in there. In the bathroom I would really like to have some more place to put my stuff as there was only one hook in the shower and no shelves in the bathroom place, so you don’t have anywhere to put your things while drying your hair, but these are minor things.

Bratislava_guide (53)

Overall we were really happy with our stay at CHORS hostel, capsules were so comfortable, breakfast was delicious, bathrooms were sparkling clean and the whole experience was really great.

You can book it directly on their website or as we did through It is not a budget hostel, but totally worth the price, because it feels really luxurious and it is definitely one of the top places we have ever stayed in.

Have you ever stayed in capsule hostel? How was your experience?

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23 thoughts on “Hostel review: CHORS, Bratislava

  1. This sounds really great. I have always wanted to try to stay in a hostel. I missed the opportunity before kids and now our travel always includes them so wouldn’t make sense.

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    1. This one was by far the best hostel I have ever stayed in. Mostly they were more budget type of hostels, but here we treated ourselves a bit. 🙂 I believe you can find hostels that would be suitable for parents with kids but the experience would definitely not be the same I guess. Maybe capsule hostel would be so much fun for them.


  2. On my recent trip to Edinburgh, I decided to stay in a capsule hostel too and was utterly delighted with my choice – it was cosy, fun, I had privacy yet was within reach from other travellers when wanted to interact.

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  3. Looks good – very clean and tidy. I’ve always been a little apprehensive of eastern European hostels after watching the movies Hostel and Hostel part II…admittedly they were set in Slovakia though.

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    1. Awww…that is so lovely to hear. I think Bratislava has been portrayed as really poor and not good looking city in the movies, but it is actually really charming and has a lot to offer. I think you can make a great trip to Bratislava and also include Vienna, Budapest, Brno or even Prague.


  4. This capsule hotel looks so nice and cosy! It looks very different to the capsule hotel I stayed in in Japan. I would love a pillow like that, I feel like having a good pillow makes your overnight experience so much better.

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    1. I totally agree with you. My first experience didn’t look anything like that at all as well. Capsule hostels are only to sleep over and move on, but if you are staying somewhere for longer then its nice to have an actual mattress and an actual fluffy pillow. 🙂


  5. I stay in hostels a lot and love the social aspect of them. This looks like a great hostel, thanks for the review. I’m also in the process of doing posts about all the hostels I have stayed in. I think a lot of people have a very poor view of what they are lie. Personally, I have only ever had one really bad experience and that was in London. Hostels in Portugal are particularly good and that is where I stay the most often.

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      1. I have done a couple of blog posts about hostels, I have lots more to do. I have 3 years worth of travels to catch up on, wish I had started the blog sooner.
        Hostels in Portugal are some of the best ones I have stayed in and the Portuguese are extremely friendly people. It’s also, by European standards, quite an inexpensive country to spend time in. You should definitely come.


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