Canggu Vibes

We spend last 2 days and a half of our Bali trip in Canggu, which we quickly came to love. There is so much going on there, beach and sunsets are amazing, food is delicious and if you like to go out in the night or doing some shopping this is the perfect place. My boyfriend stated that if/when we go back we are staying most of our time in Canggu, learning to surf, eat and enjoy and I agree with this 100 per cent. Canggu is so charming that I am sure that you too will find something to love about this place.

Lets start with the beach, which was one of the first things we checked out when we arrived, after checking into the hotel and getting something to eat of course. It was sunset time and it did not disappoint. After some stunning sunsets on Gili Air our expectations were high and Canggu delivered. The beach is amazing, sandy and the setting sun paints the sky into lovely warm orange and pink shades, while waves are crashing.

Canggu vibes (5)

Canggu vibes (13)

Canggu vibes (14)

Waves are pretty strong so forget leisurely swimming and not getting your hair wet, its all about fighting against the waves, throwing yourself into them and just being silly. If you want to learn how to surf or you already do surf, then you will surely enjoy Echo beach in Canggu, but if you don’t its still a fun place to go to. There are many bars along the beach for you to chill out there, get some cocktails and enjoy the surfing or sunset show. I would maybe avoid going there in the middle of the day, when its the hottest, because there is basically no shade on the beach and the sun can quickly burn you.

Canggu beach, Bali

If you are not a big beach fan, then wandering around the town will surely captivate you. There are so many bars, cafés, restaurants with foods from all over, boutique shops, markets and among all that you will find some really pretty street art and few stray dogs, that seem harmless, but I prefer to stay away from unknown dogs. But dogs are not the only animals you will come across walking around Canggu. Lots of shops and cafés have their own murals outside so just keep your eyes wide open and search for the coolest street art in town.

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Canggu, Bali

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When in Canggu don’t miss out on markets, especially on a Sunday when it seems like everything revolves around shopping. Just walking around you will surely come across market shops and as you walk in you will quickly find yourself in a hall with many sellers selling all kinds of things, from clothes, souveniers, decor, cosmetics, etc. We had one very close to our hotel Bali Niki Natural Art Market, which is in a huge hall, selling everything you can imagine. You should bargain when shopping on these markets, its even possible to get things for a lot cheaper, by just walking away.

Luckily we were there on a Sunday so we went to Samadi Bali Sunday Market, where you will find local organic produce, cosmetics, clothes and food made by local artisans. We got some brownies (20k IDR), galangal to take home with me and we tried snake fruit, which we also later bought to take home. There is also a café and a yoga place. The market is open every Sunday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m and with buying here you will directly support locals and their hard work.

Another really amazing market place, that is open every day is Love Anchor. We bought quite a lot of souveniers there, as well as my square Bali bag for 200k IDR (I got a round one in Ubud market for 150k IDR) and a stunning makrame for 400k IDR. Come in the evening when the sign outside is lit up and inside is such a hustle and bustle.

Beside shopping at markets, there are also so many amazing and beautiful boutique shops, selling great clothes, accessories, souveniers, home decor, etc., you will wish to have an extra suitcase for all of it. I especially loved the swimsuits in Bali, so next time I will just buy them there, because they seemed to be of great quality and the price was around 40 EUR, you can also find ones made from recycled materials.

Canggu Vibes (17)
Tiramisu at The Wave Canggu

As already mentioned Canggu is foodie paradise. You will find all sorts of restaurants there, so if you are searching for something different then Indonesian food, you will certainly find some amazing places here. We went to Vietnamese and Thai restaurant, had tiramisu at one of the restaurants by the beach and it was delicious. You will find many warungs, local places that have buffet kind of style and are very cheap. I will write all about food we had in Canggu in my next post: Mini Canggu Food Guide.

Where we stayed?

We stayed at Echoland Bed&Breakfast where we got to enjoy in this wonderful pool, comfortable room, having many restaurants and shops around, beach was like 10 min walk away, market 5 min away. Staff was very friendly and helpful, they arranged us a transport to the airport, helped us with which money exchange office we should use, places to eat and letting us use the pool for the whole last day, which was so amazing. For two nights with breakfast included we paid 60 EUR.

Canggu vibes (7)

Every morning we enjoyed breakfast on the rooftop, where they have a little garden, yoga place and some sun beds to chill. Breakfast was included in the price and was very tasty, although we already had our share of Indonesian breakfasts up until that point (all accommodations had very similar breakfast options).


If you need to exchange your money I suggest you go to the official money exchange offices, because otherwise you will probably be scammed out of few thousands IDR. Our hotel recommended BMC Money Exchanger and we had no problems there.

In Canggu you won’t come across that many fruit and vegetable stalls around the town like in Ubud, so if you want some more selection you should go to bigger supermarkets, like Pepito Market or Frestive Supermarket, that are a bit out of the center, but they have a huge selection of fruit, vegetables, chocolates, spices, foods… For everyday purchases you can go to smaller grocery stores that are all around, so you will never run out of water or snacks.

We booked our transport to the airport through hotel (can’t remember the price, but it was probably between 250k to 300k IDR) and it took us 1h 40 min to get there, because the traffic in Bali is just crazy. Go early, just to be safe.

Hope you found some interesting things if you are already planning a trip to Canggu and if not, I hope this post will inspire to put it on your travel list. It is definitely on mine still, because it is just such a vibrant place.


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22 thoughts on “Canggu Vibes

  1. I have been to Bali and it is a wonderful destination but I missed Canggu as it was too crowded hence we chose Ubud. Loved the photos which brought back beautiful memories. Glad to know you are from Slovenia. Namaste from India.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah…the humidity was an issue there. Never been to Slovenia but it is on my list for travel this year. I have made huge plan, I was thinking to visit in September but not sure because of the global Coronavirus issue! Not aware about the situation there….:(

        Liked by 1 person

        1. How amazing. For now we don’t have any cases of Corona virus here, and September is so far away I am sure this virus will be old news by then. I wouldn’t cancel any planned trips that are so far ahead, because a lot can change in this time.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. True. I am actually really happy that I don’t have any travels planned yet. It would suck to cancel it. We’ll see how this virus is gonna spread or not and decide as we go. Safe travels to you too! 🙂


  2. Wow, what a fantastic place to explore. Your photos are beautiful and colourful and I loved them so much, I scrolled thought couple of times! I’m glad you had a great time visiting Canggu, it’s easy o see why you loved it – the botuque shops and beautiful murals alone are great reasons to visit. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day. Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

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