Looking Back: Winter Season

With March in full swing, early spring flowers already popping up everywhere its time to sum up my winter months in a blog post. There wasn’t much snow and cold which made this winter a lot more bearable for me. Lots of things happened since autumn and some things turned out even better than I have hoped for or even planned. So, now I am here looking back at winter, as spring begins.

My long time dream of going to Bali came true at the end of November and it was more than wonderful to escape the beginning of the winter in Ljubljana to tropics and sunshine. I’ve already wrote some posts about our time in Bali and also on our short layover in Istanbul (How to spend a 12 hour layover in Istanbul?), so check them out if you haven’t yet.

As winter started with lots of sun, high temperatures and ocean breeze, it was a bit difficult to adjust to lower temperatures, short days and even to Christmas spirit when we returned home. Despite all that I wrapped myself into all the warm clothes, scarfs and coats and into the city center to see the Christmas lights and some mulled wine. Walking under the Christmas lights is always so lovely, despite the cold and in a city as small as Ljubljana you are certain to meet someone you know wandering around Christmas markets or sipping on mulled wine. The only thing I would change is Christmas decor in Ljubljana, it has been more or less the same since I first came to Ljubljana to study almost a decade ago. Still it is very pretty and that is also why we decided to celebrate New Year’s in Ljubljana. We got together with friends at our apartment, brought some food and drinks, turned on the music and enjoyed until it was time to go outside to Congress Square where there was already a huge crowd waiting to see the fireworks from the Ljubljana Castle. New Year’s Eve in Ljubljana is always a great idea, there are many concerts on different squares in the city center, stalls with food and mulled wine, parties all around. Just wear something warm, because it can get really cold outside.

In January things usually slow down a bit, which can be very welcome after socially busy December. Luckily this year we had such nice January and also February, with clear skies and almost spring temperatures, so we often wandered out to the city center to grabbed something to eat or just walk around. We had some delicious tacos at El Patrón and great pizza at Pop’s Pizza & Sport. Both of these places look amazing and have great food, with both being maybe a bit pricey, but perfect for special occasions. Will need to make another Tasty weekend in Ljubljana post in the future.

winter favourites (6)

On 8 February we celebrate the Slovene Cultural Holiday in Slovenia or Prešeren Day, named after our national poet France Prešeren. On this day most museums in Slovenia offer free entrances and guided tours so its a perfect time to get cultural and learn something new. It was such a lovely day that we jumped on our bikes and biked to Fužine Castle where Museum of Architecture and Design resides. If you find yourself in Ljubljana during this holiday, take advantage of it and visit few museums, listen to poetry on Prešeren Square and learn something new.

There is another important holiday celebrated in February, Valentine’s Day, and even though people say that we should show our love every day, if we are completely honest this is almost impossible with work, school, errands, cleaning, etc. I don’t see a reason not to celebrate it and I’ve already wrote a post about my 4 reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day last year. We usually go for dinner on this day, this year we did on the next day, because it was Saturday and went to Uno Rajh in Murska Sobota, and had some pasta, pizza and such yummy and amazingly looking desserts. I totally recommend this place in Murska Sobota, but it would be smart to make a reservation on holidays such as this one. It is our favourite restaurant there and when we want to eat out while in Prekmurje (our home region) we often go here.

With New Year I started actively searching for new job, applying to different places, updating up my resume and cover letter, and attending classes to work on my digital competences. Even though it was basic class, I learned a lot and refreshed my knowledge on Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which I know I will definitely need in any work place. Luckily I’ve found new job quite quickly, especially since I know so many people who struggle to find something, anything after months and months of active search. I started this week, so its all still very new and exciting and I am so grateful to land this job.

I also worked more on my blog, Instagram and Pinterest during winter and got some nice results out of it, especially a big increase in views on my blog. A bit of statistics for last year:

Top 3 blog posts:

10 things to do in Istanbul on a rainy day

3 amazing breakfast places in Istanbul

Hidden corners of Istanbul

Top 3 countries:

US, UK, Turkey

Top 3 referrers:

Pinterest, WordPress Reader, Google Search

looking back to winter season (7).jpg

How was your winter? Did you enjoy some snow and winter sports or did you escape it to some place tropical?


7 thoughts on “Looking Back: Winter Season

  1. Beautiful post and beautiful photos, my friend. Ljubljana looks amazing in winter and it’s one of the places I would love to explore one day. My husband went there for the Ice hockey championship last year and absolutely loved your city. Our winter was very wet and very cold and we didn’t even get to see much snow, looking forward to warmer days and spring flowers. Have a good day. Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved reading your update, especially looking at all your beautiful photographs – that pizza looks amazing! I’m so hungry right now, hehe! Thank you for sharing, it sounds like you live in a wonderful place, especially as they offer free museum entry on Prešeren Day! Congratulations on your new job too and hope it goes well ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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    1. Aww…thank you so much for your lovely comment. It made my day. 😊 Prešeren Day is really amazing holiday and Slovenia is probably the only country that celebrates culture. Museums are full on this day. I love it and when it comes on week day its also work free day. 😊


  3. Bali is a dream destination for me too. Would love to visit one day!! Also, Lubljana wound be lovely to visit as well. Food pics look so yummy!!

    Liked by 2 people

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