From Inside: Hello Spring!

“The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.”

– S. Brown

Hello spring (7)

First day of spring is one of my favourite days of the year. Even if the weather is not the best, it is a beginning of something new, nature waking up, flowers blooming and sunsets at later hours, making days long once again. This year we will most likely spend admiring spring from inside in hopes that if not sooner then at least early summer will bring salvation to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite all that I wanted to share some spring snaps, that were taken in late February and early March, when we were still able to roam around freely without worries, because even though Italy is just behind the border, corona seemed far away.

Luckily we had very mild winter this year so first signs of spring started in February, with snowdrops slowly popping out. When I was a kid I love to go to the forest behind our house and pick them. They smelled so nice. And then after snowdrops other flowers quickly began to bloom as well, from violets, magnolias, crocuses, tulips…

Hello spring (1)

Hello spring (2)

Ljubljana was beginning to wake up from winter sleep, flower shops were filled with colourful flowers that makes it so hard to resist buying them all and I could already feel the vibrancy of spring in the air. How quickly we went from running around freely to having to stay inside to help ourselves and others. Still, I love how morning sun is already waking me up at ungodly hours shinning right on my face and helping me wake up for work, which I now do from home, like so many others.Β  Not so very much looking forward the next hour change, which will definitely messed up my newly acquired schedule.

I had so many plans for spring this year, because we bought our first car. From finally visiting Velika Planina when its covered with violet crocuses, going to beautiful lake Jasna, that I only admired on Instagram until now, to spending beautiful Sunday at the Slovenian coast, and many more but I guess all these will have to wait for now and just stay on my Kam na izlet? (Where to go on a trip?) list that I have on my phone and update all the time.

Pretty_in_pink (2)

I promised that I will share my good news in one of the previous post and here it is: my photo is on the cover of Ljubljana In Your Pocket March/April guide. Even though his guide is not really needed at this time I am super proud to be featured on the cover. You can download the guide here (just click on the Keep me up-to-date with the latest news from In Your Pocket, put in your e-mail address and you will receive the guide).

Ljubljana in your pocket guide

I hope you are all safe and following instructions of your government and health institutions. Despite social distancing we can only beat this thing if we work together and everyone chips in a bit by washing hands, avoiding large groups of people, staying in and not buying enormous amounts of toilet paper (I would have thought that people would want to stack up coffee, chocolate, wine, frozen pizza, but I guess toilet paper is the most important thing at the moment).

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19 thoughts on “From Inside: Hello Spring!

  1. Beautiful pictures! How did your picture get picked for the guide? That is great. Beautiful flowers are popping up here in the UK now as well, but we are on lockdown more or less now. It is such a sham, because the weather was bad the last weeks and the sun is out now that we have to keep the distance etc. But luckily everyone is sharing lovely positive pics and of course the seasons come back every year!

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    1. Thank you so much Anna. I posted it on Instagram last year and tagged them, they reposted it and it got the most likes so they wanted to use it for cover. They conntacted me and that was it. πŸ˜€ We had such lovely weather last week and now its freezing cold and so windy. At least it doesn’t make me wanna go out much now. I am so hopeful that summer will be normal and we would at least be able to explore our own countries. There is so much I still haven’t seen in Slovenia!

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      1. Wow, how awesome. What a great opportunity and honor. I hear the weather is supposed to get worse here in the UK. So that might help with getting people to stay inside and not wanting to actually go out.

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        1. It is already like winter in Ljubljana, we had two days of freezing cold and some snowing. Terrible, but it does make me wanna stay in a lot more. πŸ™‚ So I am sure that will help.


  2. I love spring, it is my favourite time of year. It is sad that we can’t go out right now but hopefully, we’ll be out soon. It looks beautiful where you are!

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  3. Just love spring and especially spring flowers. The white ones in the first picture are my fav. Also, congrats on the guide picture, that is sooo awesome!!

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  4. Many years ago I lived in Slovenia for a while. Now a lot has changed! But still, this is the perfect place for me! I plan to be there after quarantine! Thanks for sharing! The photos are incredible! It turned out a cool virtual trip!


    1. Really? That is so incredible. Ljubljana has changed so much in the last 10 years. I wouldn’t recognize it either if they showed me how it looked when I started studying. Hope quarantine will be over soon and you will get to come back and see it again.


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