9 Spring Walks in Ljubljana

When you can’t meet with friends, go out for lunch, chill in a café, go to the cinema or museum or even leave your municipality you are left with few things to do. Before lifting restriction on traveling between municipalities we spend last few weeks going on long walks and cycling around Ljubljana, exploring what the city has to offer and found many lovely spots, we never even thought we have in Ljubljana. With mostly great and sunny weather it was really nice to go for a walk, enjoy fresh air and nature blossoming, especially seeing so many blooming pink cherry trees.

Ljubljana is a small and charming city. Most tourists only visit the city center, but if you wander to the outskirts a bit, you will find yourself among fields and forests. On one of our walks a family passed us on bikes and little guy asked, if they are still in the city or is this countryside already. Ljubljana stretches beyond the lovely and picturesque city center and if you want to experience something different it is worth heading out of there. Here are few walks I can recommend for you to take, some we did now, some we did in the past and one we only did partly.

1. Sava Recreational and Educational Centre

If it weren’t for corona, I don’t know when I would have found out about this place. It stretches along the banks of Sava River on the edge of Ljubljana from Tomačevo to Sneberje and offers recreational and educational activities. From horse riding, playgrounds, picnic places, to chilling on the beaches of Sava River. I can definitely see myself coming back to this place in the heat of summer and relax by the river, cool down my feet in water and maybe have a little picnic, for extra charm.

spring walks in Ljubljana (9)

2. Koseze Pond

Koseze Pond or as we call it Koseški Bajer is the perfect place to go in the evening with friends, sit down with some drinks and enjoy the sun setting by the pond. You can take a short walk around or have it as a starting or finishing point of a longer walk, that will take you through the forest along Večna pot.

spring walks in Ljubljana (8)

3. Path around Rožnik along Večna pot

I love paths where I can both walk and ride a bike or even go rollerblading, whatever I prefer at the moment. This path through the forest is offering just that. Start your way at Tivoli Park and head towards the zoo, if you want to you can include a quick hike up the Rožnik Hill, or go past it and find some beautiful cherry trees by the Biotehnical Faculty across the zoo. After that head to Koseze Pond and enjoy the lovely view.

spring walks in Ljubljana (7)

4. Path of Remembrance & Comradeship

If you are really into walking (or cycling) you can walk the Path of Remembrance & Comradeship, that circles the city and its around 33 km long. The path has historical significance. During the Second World War Italians occupied Ljubljana and to prevent the communication between underground activists in Ljubljana and the partisans in the countryside outside the city they put up a barbed wire fence all around the city. Along the way you will come across memorial pillars and information boards to learn more about the history. Each year, except this one, on the weekend closest to May 9, the date when Ljubljana was liberated, there is a march along the path. We haven’t taken part in it yet, but did walk some parts of the path every now and then, as we live quite close to it.

5. Rožnik Hill

If you are staying in Ljubljana for more than a day you should really put hiking on Rožnik Hill on your must do list. Its a short and easy hike and once you get up there you will find this pink church, lovely views and there is also a restaurant with some delicious traditional Slovenian food. There are actually few different paths leading up there, so you can always take another one and find something wonderful on your way as well.

If you come here for Labour Day there will be a huge party with music, food and lots of people. A night before it will be even more spectacular with a huge bonfire. The best thing about it? This hill is in the middle of the city, so easy to reach and worth the visit.


6. Šmarna Gora Hill

Another hike in Ljubljana, a bit further out of the city, but still very reachable is Šmarna Gora Hill (Mount Saint Mary). You can start the hike in small village Tacen under the hill and I can assure you it is not a difficult hike. There are two peaks, the western peak is Grmada (676 m) and the eastern one is Šmarna Gora (669 m). We’ve only been to Šmarna, which was once a pilgrimage trail to the little 18th century Baroque church on the top of it, together with a restaurant serving traditional Slovenian dishes and lots of benches to sit down and enjoy the view.

7. Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle will almost certainly make it on your must see list, and if you skip the funicular up and down there, you get to enjoy the wonderful nature and stunning views all around the city. I suggest you start you walk up from Vodnikov trg and go down on the other side, to get to Gornji trg, or vice versa for the best possible experience. It is a very easy walk up and down so there is no excuse to not do the walk.

8. Through the city center to Ljubljana beach and Špica

Walking around the city center is fun and everything, but its always nice to chill by the Ljubljanica River. Luckily just few minutes by foot from the city center you will get to Šentjakob Bridge and from there just continue your way on either side of the river. If you choose to go down Krakovo Embankment (Krakovski nasip) you will first find photo exhibition on the sidewalk and once you get past the next bridge, Hradecky Bridge, you will be able to go down to the river to series of stairs called Ljubljana beach. Even though you cannot swim in Ljubljanica anymore it is still a lovely place to chill, bring something to drink and snack on and maybe even meet some locals. On beautiful summer evenings this place is packed with people having little parties. After some chilling get to the next bridge, Prule Bridge, cross it and continue your way up the river to Špica, where you will be able to chill on wooden terraces or on grass, get something to drink from the café and just have a great evening by the river. 

spring walks in Ljubljana (14)


9. Žale Cemetery

Not the most obvious one, but Žale Cemetery are so worth the visit. After admiring the stunning architecture by Jože Plečnik you can walk through the beautiful green park, sit down on a bench, you can even head to Stožice Stadium. We often walk this route because it is nearby and get a great mixture of city and nature in one walk.

spring walks in Ljubljana (13)

spring walks in Ljubljana (12)

Hope you will enjoy some of these walking trails in Ljubljana, when you come and visit. They will give you a better insight into local way of life, hidden beauty and lots of wonderful moments spend in nature.

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20 thoughts on “9 Spring Walks in Ljubljana

  1. I will definitely have to add Lublijana to my travel bucket list now 😍 The city looks absolutely stunning and I would love to go on a few of these walks. As soon as travelling is allowed again, I might actually plan a trip there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. These walks will be equally beautiful in September when leaves will start to turn colours. We have already declared the end of epidemic, so hopefully everything will be fine in September.


    1. Aww…that is so nice to hear. Ljubljana is really beautiful and has tons of nature in and around for us to enjoy. There are even more possible walks to do. Hope you will get to visit one day, when we get through this pandemic.


  2. Great post and fantastic photos, my friend! I wouldn’t mind going back to Slovenia as my time in Ljubljana was a very short one. The views from the castle are superb and it must be a fantastic place to watch the sunrise. Thanks for sharing. I hope all is well with you and your family 😊 Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its definitely lovely up there for sunrise, but I am not really early riser so I know more about sunsets. 😀 Things are turning for the better in Slovenia lately, we had very few new cases last few weeks and just the other week they declared the end of epidemic. Fingers crossed it will only get better from now on, here and all around the world.


    1. Yes, they really are. Just the other weekend we went to Dolenjska and Novo mesto is really lovely, also Brežice, Kostanjevica na Krki and closer to the mountains you have Škofja Loka, Radovljica, Kranj, Kranjska Gora… Tons of lovely towns.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not yet. Honestly, I planned to go there this September. But I have to delay it because of the pandemic 😦 I know Slovenia is virus-free atm. But it’s still a huge challenge to get there.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, travelling around will probably be a huge challenge for a while. I will try to stay away from traveling with planes for now. Hopefully in the summer things will get better all around.

          Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much. Slovenia is opening up its boarders but how will everything look and feel is still unsure. I also don’t plan any travels this year, except domestic, and maybe to Croatia. But next year you should definitely come and enjoy it here.


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