From Venice with Love

You cannot not love Venice. Everything about Venice is magical. City that is built on a land that is far from being good for living. But it was build and it still stands. Once a refuge for people fleeing German and Hun invasions it turned into center of international trade that build this magnificent city.

Island Hopping in Venetian lagoon


Did you know that island hopping is part of everyday life in Venetian lagoon? Although walking is the main means of transportation in Venice, many Venetians also own a boat or use a public transportation to get around. Last time we were in Venice, we didn't go to any other islands in the Venetian lagoon, because there was just not enoug time and we knew we will return. So two years later we went back and spend the whole first day island hopping.

Enjoy and respect wonderful Venice

Getting lost in Venice

Venice. City that is on everyone's travel list. City of canals and bridges. City you can't help but fall in love with. Venice has a long and rich history. It is Paris of Italy, place of romance and love. Beautiful buildings built on water, cobbled maze of streets where you get lost, bridges everywhere and … Continue reading Enjoy and respect wonderful Venice