Little trip from Bratislava: Devin Castle

Devin Castle Bratislava

Around 20 minutes up the Danube river you will find a picturesque ruins of the medieval castle on the high cliff overlooking the Danube and Morava river. Even with limited time we had to spend in Bratislava we decided to make this little trip to Devin Castle and I suggest you do it too. It … Continue reading Little trip from Bratislava: Devin Castle

Hostel review: CHORS, Bratislava

Chors hostel Bratislava

Finding a place to stay for a weekend in Bratislava was one of the first things we looked into after deciding on our destination. I always check Airbnb and for best deals and when I found this hostel I was hooked. We've stayed in a capsule hostel once before and it wasn't the best … Continue reading Hostel review: CHORS, Bratislava

Tasty weekend in Bratislava

Bratislava_food_guide (1)

No travel is complete without trying some new foods and eating out. After deciding on the destination I almost immediately start googling all the traditional foods and all the best restaurants, which turns out is a great thing, because sometimes when you are really hungry you don't want to wander around searching for a place … Continue reading Tasty weekend in Bratislava