10 things that surprised me in Taiwan

10 things that surprised me in Taiwan, night market

As you are reading this I am already on my way to my next SE Asian destination: Bali. Planning for this trip made me think about my last big trip and what were some of the things that fascinated me about Taiwan and I didn't know before going there. You can plan as much as … Continue reading 10 things that surprised me in Taiwan

Quick stop in Chiayi

Even though Chiayi was just a short stop on our way from Alishan (after the most amazing Sunrise in Alishan) to Kaohsiung (check out my previous blog posts: Kaohsiung’s wonders and Sunday on Cijin Island) and I didn't really planned anything to do or see there, it totally deserves a special post. It was the only place in … Continue reading Quick stop in Chiayi