10 things that surprised me in Taiwan

10 things that surprised me in Taiwan, night market

As you are reading this I am already on my way to my next SE Asian destination: Bali. Planning for this trip made me think about my last big trip and what were some of the things that fascinated me about Taiwan and I didn't know before going there. You can plan as much as … Continue reading 10 things that surprised me in Taiwan

Perfect Trip to Taiwan: 15 Day Itinerary, part 2

Wuliting, Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung

The second part of our 15 day Taiwan itinerary focuses mostly on Kaohsiung and Taipei. We visited some very popular sights and also some not so popular ones, but definitely worth a stop, if you are there. I also added few extra things you can include in your itinerary, if you have enough time.

Quick stop in Chiayi

Even though Chiayi was just a short stop on our way from Alishan (after the most amazing Sunrise in Alishan) to Kaohsiung (check out my previous blog posts: Kaohsiung’s wonders and Sunday on Cijin Island) and I didn't really planned anything to do or see there, it totally deserves a special post. It was the only place in … Continue reading Quick stop in Chiayi