November favourites

Hello December! Time goes by so quickly and I just cannot believe December is already here! Christmas lights in Ljubljana were lit yesterday and today we will go see how beautiful it is. But before all that I wanted to share with you everything that made November special for me. I got so many great … Continue reading November favourites

Blogger Recognition Award

A few weeks ago Vinny from Artsy Draft nominated me for Blogger Recognition Award and finally I got around to write a post about it. First I would like to say thanks to Vinny for this nomination and invite you all to check out her blog, where she writes mostly about books and movies, but also … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Two months into my blogging, lovely Laura Brown from Modern in the Mitten nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award on Twitter. Thank you so much for this, I wasn't expecting that much support in blogging community, but it is always good to be positively surprised. So please do check out her blog, it has many … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award