The Sunshine Blogger Award

Two months into my blogging, lovely Laura Brown from Modern in the Mitten nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award on Twitter. Thank you so much for this, I wasn’t expecting that much support in blogging community, but it is always good to be positively surprised. So please do check out her blog, it has many amazing blog posts, with great tips.


I will also use this nomination to tell you a bit more about myself, since I haven’t really done that before. So, first are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger and link their blog in your post. (Done that)
  2. Answer the 11 questions they asked. (See below)
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers. (Done)
  4. Ask them 11 questions. (Done)
  5. Display the logo on the post. (Check)

So let’s just get to it.

1. If you could meet one blogging idol, who would it be and why?

There are quite some, but I will only mention two. I would love to meet Slovenian bloggers Katka and Mic from We Just Travel. They spend 552 days traveling in Asia and visited so many other amazing places. Just recently they have been in Bali (they are the reason why Bali is so much higher on my list of places I want to visit). They are a true inspiration for everyone from travelers to bloggers, people who are just starting with exploring world and just about everyone else-

I would also very much like to meet Jayde from Jayde Archives. Her blog and Insta are fantastic. She moved from Australia to Switzerland and has such an amazing content. The best way to describe her work would be pink fairytale. She writes about travels, lifestyle, fashion (her capsule wardrobe is my wardrobe goal) and presents everything through pink tinted glasses while also sharing the real deal behind the scenes and remaining very down to Earth. Please do check her out, you won’t regret it.

2. What energizes you and brings you excitement?

Sea. I love everything about sea. The smell, the breeze, beach, sun, ice cream, shells,… When I was younger we went to Croatia to seaside every summer and I was always very excited about it. There was just so much that you could do. I loved snorkeling, my head was always under water. Last two years I haven’t spend that much time at the seaside but when I get a chance it makes my day and week. Even if I don’t go swimming, just being close to it it makes all the difference. You can feel the salt in the air and smell pine trees. Visiting Venice was also a way to energize myself with some sea flavours.

3. What is one thing you’d tell other new bloggers?

Since I still consider myself a new blogger I don’t really have lots of advice on my hands yet. But don’t be afraid and just go for it, you are doing this because it means something to you. Share your posts with your friends and family, don’t obsess with numbers and statistics, because at the beginning it will be low and that is completely normal. Use your beginning to figure out how you work best when blogging. I am still finding this out.

4. What’s your hidden talent?

That is a hard one. I don’t really think I have any hidden talents. Maybe just the ones I would love to have and sometimes day dream of having them. Like singing. I really cannot sing well, but when I am alone I sing a lot while listening to music. But the only way I will sing in public is if someone else sings I just more or less open my mouth or the music is so loud no one will hear me.

5. What food to you like the least and why?

I hate beans. They just have that floury taste and I really don’t like that. I stay away from all food with beans.

6. If you had to choose 3 adjectives to describe yourself, what 3 would you choose and why?

This is one of the questions I really don’t like. What should one answer here? But if I must, I would say I am adaptable and trusting. I was never afraid of going somewhere, even when I was a little kid, because I knew everything would be fine. I was never homesick, in fact I usually suggested to my parents I want to go somewhere. I sometimes panic a bit, but at the end I always adapt to the situation.

I daydream a lot. I know this is not an adjective but my head is in the clouds very often. I dream of places I haven’t been to, food I yet have to try, things I want to experience, people I need to meet. My imagination is wide. When I read (great) book I watch a movie in my head and I was really disappointed when I didn’t get the letter for Hogwarts.

And last I would say I am curious about the world. When something catches my attention I want to know more about it. I plan trips I will not take any time soon and learn about the place, country, culture. I follow the news even though it usually upsets me. I often google things and then fall in the loophole of interesting information. I love fun facts sections and often I watch documentaries about variety of things.

7. What is your favorite subject to blog about?

I started this blog because I wanted to have a place to share my memories from travels and inspire others to explore the world around them as well. I more or less just wrote about travels, but maybe in the future I will have more lifestyle posts. Who knows, for now I just love writing about traveling, sharing photos and hoping that people will find it interesting enough to consider visiting these places.

8. Is there a movie quote you say often, if so what is and what movie is it from?

I love movie quotes from Harry Potter. I don’t get to say them that often, because they are quite specific, but when I hear Minerva McGonagall saying  “I’ve always wanted to use that spell” I get goose bumps. I used to have tons of Harry Potter movie marathons and maybe I should have one again. But lately I actually got to use “Winter is coming”, from Game of Thrones, in a few sentences.

9. What is your spirit animal and why?

I never thought about that, so I took a test on internet and found out my spirit animal is butterfly. Butterfly symbolizes personal transformation and I should pay attention to the areas in my life or personality that are in need of profound change or transformation. That may be true. I am at the cross roads in my life currently. My student life is officially over but I still need to do my Master thesis and get a real job. I believe that everything comes to you at the right time and I know that, even if I don’t get a job right away, I will get it at some point and it will be the right one. I am for sure not alone in this situation and obsessing about being unemployed will definitely not help me.

10. Who or where would you want to haunt if you were a ghost?

I don’t have any enemies so I would probably prank my friends a bit. Nothing really dangerous, like from horror movies, just little pranks designed specifically for each and every one of them. But I would much rather use my time as a ghost to see the world. I would travel all around the world and look at the places I couldn’t see when I was still alive. I would visit every single corner of this planet and hopefully when I will see everything I will just disappear into the light.

11. What’s something you’ve done that you recommend everyone try at least once?

Use all and any option to travel. If there is an exchange you can apply to, do it. If there is a project abroad you would like to participate in, do it. Move in another country for some time if possible. Six months I have spend on Erasmus traineeship in Copenhagen were the best in my life. I have learned so much about myself, others, life,… I got precious experiences and knowledge in the field I was interested in and even though it was quite expensive being there it paid off later, when I got a good paying student job in Ljubljana, because of this traineeship. When I returned I saw my country and Ljubljana in a completely different way. I was able to see it with the eyes of a tourist. I live in such a beautiful country and know so little about it. After we returned we decided to visit at least one new place in Slovenia every year. In Copenhagen we spend weekends exploring city, its surrounding, on the beach, trips to other towns around and we didn’t do that in Ljubljana before. Go see the world and when/if you return explore your own city, country as if you are a tourist. You will discover that there is so many beautiful spots that you missed out on before.


Now I only have to nominate 11 bloggers who will answer my 11 questions.

I nominate:

  1. Anita and Geo from HaiHui story
  2. @RosieCulture from Rosie Culture
  3. @whereCwanders from Where Charlie Wanders
  4. Emily @luxurybackpack from Luxury Backpack
  5. @hannahswancott from Hannah Swancott
  6. Jess @coffeeandcorfu from CoffeeandCorfu
  7. Kara @HeelsInBackpack from Heels in My Backpack
  8. @QuickWhitTravel from Quick Whit Travel
  9. @currentlylately from Currently, Lately
  10. @MrsJosieGrant fromJosephine Grant
  11. @KagamiLens from Journeys of Len

And the questions:

  1. What is your favourite memory from your childhood?
  2. Which one of your blog post are you most proud of (share a link)?
  3. Which social media do you like the most and why?
  4. What is your favourite place on Earth?
  5. What was the weirdest food you ever had?
  6. Where would you like to live?
  7. Are you more introvert or extrovert?
  8. What is your favourite way to relax?
  9. What would your perfect vacations look like?
  10. What question that people ask you, annoys you the most?
  11. Do you have a pet?


Can’t wait to read your answers and thanks again to Laura Brown who noticed me and gave me a little push. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. This was a great read 🙂 Congrats on being nominated! I agree with you on the fact that if I were a ghost, I’d use that time to see the world. Anywhere and everywhere. I took the spirit animal test too, several years ago now, but I also got a butterfly!
    Congrats again! Keep up the great work!
    ~ Ray

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