Autumn fairytale in Ljubljana

It is raining today. The sky is grey and it seems like fog is not going anywhere. Yesterday and Friday however were a completely different story, the one I actually like. Autumn is not one of my favourite seasons, but I still admire the beauty of it. Warm tones, apples and pumpkins, crisp air, hot … Continue reading Autumn fairytale in Ljubljana


Postojna Cave – wonderworld does exist

Slovenia's territory is very diverse. We have almost everything - Alps, vineyards, hills, fields, caves, sea, lakes, rivers... One of the most amazing landscapes in Slovenia is Karst. English word karst actually comes from Slovenian word Kras, that describes this wonderful landscape. Janez Vajkard Valvasor introduced this word to European scholars in 1689, when he … Continue reading Postojna Cave – wonderworld does exist