Weekend Wanders: Sunday trip to Kranjska Gora

Few weekends ago we sat in the car and drove north to Gorenjska region with Kranjska Gora as our main destination. It was moody and cloudy, with few rays of sunshine in between, which only made the scenery around us even more incredible. Another great thing about not so perfect weather is that there was … Continue reading Weekend Wanders: Sunday trip to Kranjska Gora


9 Spring Walks in Ljubljana

When you can't meet with friends, go out for lunch, chill in a café, go to the cinema or museum or even leave your municipality you are left with few things to do. Before lifting restriction on traveling between municipalities we spend last few weeks going on long walks and cycling around Ljubljana, exploring what … Continue reading 9 Spring Walks in Ljubljana

Weekend Wanders: Sunday Trip to Dolenjska

Last week brought some exciting news regarding the corona situation in Slovenia. We had very low number of new cases lately and can now finally and slowly start to go back to our, probably new, but still, normal life, which also meant that the restriction of traveling between municipalities for anything that wasn't totally necessary … Continue reading Weekend Wanders: Sunday Trip to Dolenjska

From Inside: Hello Spring!

Hello spring: Ljubljana

First day of spring is one of my favourite days of the year. This year we will most likely spend admiring spring from inside in hopes that early summer will bring salvation to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite all that I wanted to share some spring snaps, that were taken in late February and early March, when we were still able to roam around freely without worries, because even though Italy is just behind the border, corona seemed far away.

Mini Canggu Food Guide

Thai&Co, Canggu

Mini Canggu food guide is here as promised. If you are foodie then you will love it in Canggu, as it has an amazing selection of Indonesian and international cuisine, together with overall great vibe and energy. From local Indonesian cuisine to international flavours, you will certainly find something to your taste in this charming … Continue reading Mini Canggu Food Guide

5 Places in Bali That Are Still on My Bucket List

Ubud water palace, Bali

Let me just start this post by saying that I want to visit the rest of Indonesia as well, but since Indonesia is quite huge and we only scratched the surface on Bali, there are several places and experiences that are still on my Bali travel bucket list. I truly hope I will be able … Continue reading 5 Places in Bali That Are Still on My Bucket List