Summer memories 2019

Somewhere in August I started to see leaves turning colours and now we are already in the middle of September, temperatures have dropped (which I am actually excited about) and my mom has already send me butternut squash. What says its autumn better than pumpkins, right? But before I dive into autumn I would like … Continue reading Summer memories 2019


Pretty in Spring

Spring is my favourite season. Nature is starting to wake up, sun is shining, days are getting longer and warmer and flowers are starting to bloom, which turns city into this colourful fairytale that smells so wonderfully. I first noticed that spring smells nice in city three years ago in Copenhagen. We went there on … Continue reading Pretty in Spring

Autumn fairytale in Ljubljana

It is raining today. The sky is grey and it seems like fog is not going anywhere. Yesterday and Friday however were a completely different story, the one I actually like. Autumn is not one of my favourite seasons, but I still admire the beauty of it. Warm tones, apples and pumpkins, crisp air, hot … Continue reading Autumn fairytale in Ljubljana