Mini Canggu Food Guide

Mini Canggu food guide is here as promised. If you are foodie then you will love it in Canggu, as it has an amazing selection of Indonesian and international cuisine, together with overall great vibe and energy. From local Indonesian cuisine to international flavours, you will certainly find something to your taste in this charming town. Here are all the places that we visited and can strongly recommend you to visit too.

Starting with some more local Indonesian flavours you will definitely find yourself in one of the many warungs around the town. Unlike warungs we visited in Ubud, these are more buffet style, where you pick different dishes to go with your scoop of white or red rice. We went to two different ones and enjoyed the experience, food and especially the low price (at both places we ate and drank for under 100k IDR).

Warung Bu Mi

We stopped at Warung Bu Mi for dinner one day and left with full and happy bellies. The selection was great, everything from meat, tempeh, veggies, noodles, etc. There is certainly something you would like. Food was tasty, even though it is buffet style and it really affordable, so if you are on a budget this is definitely the place to go to fill up on different dishes.

Canggu food guide (6)

Varuna Warung

Another great and affordable warung, where you can also enjoy the view from their terrace on the first floor. Varuna Warung has great location, delicious food, lots of options and its quite popular too. We enjoyed the selections of vegetables, meats, egg rolls, and everything else you can pick from their buffet. I love how affordable it is and how quickly you can grab something to eat here, perfect for when you are in a rush and on a budget.

Canggu street art

After more than a week of mostly Indonesian food, which is delicious, we wanted to spice it up a bit with some other cuisines and Canggu has a fair share of international flavours waiting for you. From Thai, to Vietnamese, Italian, Polynesian to insta famous smoothie bowls and avocado toasts.


This was actually the first place we ate at in Canggu. Canggufields is a restaurant with many different flavours and great vibe. I ordered salmon poke bowl which was delicious and so refreshing and my boyfriend went for chicken leg with baked potatoes and broccoli, which was a bit small portion, so he ordered extra fries with it. While waiting for our food we were playing jenga and sipping on dragon fruit smoothie (just look at that bright colour!).

Portions are a bit smaller here for the price you are paying, so it might be great if you are only looking for a tasty snack, not a filling lunch.


Leroy’s Vietnamese

We had our last dinner in Bali at Leroy’s Vietnamese and we loved the food. Vietnamese cuisine is one of my favourite ones, because it is so fresh and uses lots of aromatic herbs, which also puts Vietnam very high on my travel bucket list. I ordered a coconut poached chicken salad, which was a bit sweet, with some mango among the cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, herbs and with coconut and peanut dressing. My boyfriend ordered Vietnamese Reuben bahn mi with sticky beef brisket, pate, filled with pickled daikon and carrots for a bit of tang in a crispy and chewy baguette. We also shared caramelized shrimp tacos with amazing mango salsa, pickled daikon and carrots and spicy mayo. I still dream about these sweet and tangy flavours.

Thai & Co

Our last lunch place in Canggu before heading to the airport was Thai & Co, where we had the best (Thai) curry of our lives. I also had a young coconut, because it was the last day and my last chance to give coconut water another chance. Still not a fan of it, but it does make a great photo prop.

Back to food and the best curry of all times: it is called massaman gai, and it is not your typical Thai curry. With dry spices and strong Indian influences this curry will be so flavourful you will wish to never finish the bowl. Its mild, creamy and tastes heavenly. If we tried this curry on our first day in Canggu we would definitely come back for more. We also ordered stir fried chicken with ginger and mushrooms with a side of red rice and the sauce was really lovely and delicious. Not sure we could have finished our stay in Bali with better lunch.

The Wave Canggu

We stopped at this bar while waiting for Thai & Co to open and for me to get that coconut I was searching for the whole day, but it seemed like no one had them anymore (tip: don’t wait until the last day to try something you really want to try). Of course they also didn’t have it so I just went with some healthy green smoothie which I got in this amazing pineapple shaped glass. My boyfriend ordered orange juice, and because we wanted to pay with card, we needed to order something else to reach the certain amount, so we went with tiramisu. Not something I would ever think about ordering in Bali, but it turned out to be really tasty.

The Wave Canggu, tiramisu

You also get a great view of the ocean, so that was a great way to kill some time before getting proper lunch and leaving this wonderful island of Bali that amazed us on every step.

What are your favourite restaurants in Canggu? Have you been to the ones I visited? Which ones would make your list?

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11 thoughts on “Mini Canggu Food Guide

  1. Wow – so much delicious looking food here! This post is making me super hungry! I love the look of the salmon poke bowl and I’d love to try the tiramisu too! I’m not a fan of coconut water either but I agree, they do make awesome photo props! Thank you for sharing your recommendations, fab post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much dear! I love poke bowls, always so colourful and great flavours. These places were really great so if you plan to go to Canggu soon definitely pin them on your map.


  2. Tiramisu looks fantastic and I just love how every drink is served in a proper glass, instead of cheap plastic ones. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. It’s pouring rain in Ireland so it was great to see and read your colourful posts from Bali. Aiva xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, and we always got either bamboo or paper straws, bought some bamboo straws to enjoy it at home as well. 😊 In Slovenia we now have such lovely spring weather, today it was almost 20 degrees. I am sure rain will pass and you will get some sunshine too.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Bali has so many excellent buffet-style restaurants! And The Wave Canggu especially looked delicious to me!

    – Laura //

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